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Great smooth taste

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green juice powder available.”


"Turning Green into Gold"
by: Carolyn Kling

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Turning Green into Gold by Carolyn KlingCarolyn Kling shares the secrets she has learned through the journey of her life. Not born with a silver spoon, Carolyn found through trial and error that she could master many of the ingredients of success. Carolyn feels confident that anyone can duplicate her path and has condensed her lifetime of learning into a simple plan that spells out her building blocks to success for a people oriented business.

We wrote this book with you in mind. Jump-start your business, quickly and easily with this simple PLAN.

Ignite your passion for your business!
In Turning Green into Gold, Carolyn Kling relates wisdom she has gained through a lifetime of learning. She will take you by the hand and share her secrets in a way that will inspire and challenge you.

"Her own story, with the timeless PLAN that has brought her incredible success, makes for must reading—both for the dreamer and for the seasoned entrepreneur." [John Shewfelt, D.C.]

"... by duplicating her methods without her pitfalls, you get to your 'top level' much faster." [Dr. Mary Ruth Swope]

"Thank you…It is amazing that you could pack so much education and motivation in so few pages." [Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, author of Life is Tremendous]

"What Barleygreen member in AIM would not like to turn their green into gold like Carolyn Kling? It took her 14 years, but by duplicating her methods, without her pitfalls, you will get to 'your top level' much faster. Read her book and prove me right."  [ Dr. Mary Ruth Swope ]


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