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Great smooth taste

"Highest quality, low cost
green juice powder available.”


Carolyn Kling BarleyLife™ Experience

We are so excited here at our nutrition center, because we, along with a group of AIM leaders, have been in on the testing of this product for over 6 months. Every day we have been drinking BarleyLife™ and the results have surpassed our expectations. Although Jim and I have been on BarleyGreen® for over 20 years and have good health, we noticed even greater results right away. Now my high energy level stays with me longer, and I have a greater degree of stamina.

A testament to this came recently when I had an extremely exhausting schedule of meetings, conferences, and travel during which I wasn’t able to get the proper amount of sleep or exercise. Normally at a time like this, I would get a sore throat or cold, but I sailed through just fine.

Jim says to me, “Aim BarleyLife is the answer to feeling like you want to feel: healthy and energetic, with no health problems. At my age, 75, when many people are having many health problems, BarleyLife is the answer to growing old gracefully.”

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