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* New Harvest *
Great smooth taste

"Highest quality, low cost
green juice powder available.”


General Health
General Health  ~  Family Health  ~  Senior Health  ~  Athletic Health

Are you looking for more energy? Want to boost your immunity?
Or do you just want to know that the money you are spending on vitamins and minerals is really making a difference? Are you tired of taking products and never really feeling any different? With AIM products you can know you will experience the energy, performance, or renewed health you need.

Our whole food concentrates are power packed with bio available nutrients specially designed to give your body the energy it needs. AIM's 'new harvest' BarleyLife™ goes a step beyond with greater nutritional density. Plus you get more product for your money.

Ounce per ounce, BarleyLife comes out as the highest quality, lowest cost green juice powder available.

With AIM BarleyLife, you know that you are getting a high quality product. AIM tests at several stages in the harvesting and processing for nutritional content, contamination, and freshness. AIM is so committed to high quality and ethical standards that they even patented their own testing method to ensure the standards that they insist upon.

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Individual results may vary.
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