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When my son Rusty who is a long distance runner went to Northwest College in the Seattle area, the coach, Bill Taylor and his wife Tabetha, who we had never met, graciously invited me to stay with them when we visited the college. During that weekend they commented about my nutrition regimen and esp. my green barley powder. We talked quite a bit about nutrition and how it helps athletes, as well as all of us. Bill was very interested and within a short time he ordered a couple of jars, and he and his wife started on our product. Bill noticed right away an increase in energy and was very excited about it.

During that year Rusty stayed consistent on his barley powder and he began to share it with one of the other men on the track team who was his roommate. Jake liked the results so well that he wanted to purchase some. This made me think about asking my Mom to supply the team with BarleyLife as she does for the Northwest Nazarene University BB team. We talked it over and she agreed to supply them for the next year.

When I approached Coach Bill about this he was very supportive. In fact he grabbed one of the first jars for himself. I received an email from him right away which said, “I’m so excited for the girls to be able to improve their nutrition, energy, and performance with this. I just need to make sure they are consistent.”

He said he started on Saturday and by Tuesday, he noticed a significant increase in energy. When he switched to BarleyLife this year, he really liked the change in taste. He felt it was a big improvement. Well, Rusty had a very successful career at Northwest taking many top Conference honors, placing 7 & 8th respectively in his two years at Nationals in the 3000 meter steeplechase, and being named NAIA All American Scholar Athlete.

During the three years that we have been involved with Northwest College, the women’s teams have consistently improved. In April Rusty had graduated, but he and I went together to a track meet at Willamette in Salem, Oregon. I brought along 6 jars of BarleyLife to give to the girls. The coach was very happy, and when I mentioned it to one of the girls, her eyes lit up and she said,”yum!”

The women have had their best year ever, winning the national title in Cross Country for the NAIA. This means they had to have 5 of their 7 team members place very high in the national race. They also had a tremendous track season, placing one National Champion who won the first ever women’s 3000m steeplechase, and set a national record, and they placed 5 All Americans.

When I asked the coach to comment on the effects he saw on the team with BarleyLife, he was very complimentary. He has spent a lot of time studying the dynamics of nutrition and peak athletic performance, and he really believes in what BarleyLife has to offer his athletes.

He noticed a big improvement in the girls who were consistent. They had more energy, were stronger, and stayed healthier throughout the season. He says, “Over time you get better results, a week or two weeks or even longer. It helps you recover quicker. It’s real and you feel it.”

“A couple weeks in you think ‘You know what, I have a lot more energy. I think I feel better.’ You look back over the last couple of weeks… you may not have noticed it right away, but it’s big when you add it up.”

“Even if it only helps the athlete to improve a second– at Nationals everything is so close, a second can be the difference between 2nd or 5th place, as it was in once race this year. It can make all the difference, as it obviously it helped these girls.”

He feels that if a consistent use of something like BarleyLife helps you all season, helps you train better, you gain something each week, not just at a performance. All the impact is hard to judge how big it is on a national title, but he feels confident that it did have an impact on his team.

We have something here in BarleyLife that can have a tremendous effect on athletes as we know from Debbie Lawrence and the other endurance athletes. All the coaches that my Mom and I have worked with really believe in this type of nutrition (whole food) for their athletes. So I just want to encourage you to share BarleyLife with the people around you, and be open for the opportunities God puts in front of you. Who knows, it may just help to win a National Championship.

Cathy McCrea
Meridian Idaho

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